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Mend Repair & Recover


For helping bones, wounds and tissue heal sooner.

Fuel your body to get well sooner after surgery, injury, and the strain of intense exercise. Recommended by physicians, this formula feeds your body with nutrition to fix fractures, wounds and tissue faster.

Clinically proven to speed up recovery and support your healing.

Take mend™ Repair for:

Helping healing: stronger, faster comebacks from accidents, injuries, and surgery.

Faster recovery: get your body back to peak condition after the strain of intense exercise.

18.5g protein + amino acids  1.5g HMB  turmeric & black pepper extract  50 calories

Flavor Explosions

Golden smoothie recipes
Add mend™ Repair & Recover to delicious smoothie of banana, cinnamon, and vanilla. And give yourself an added boost of anti-inflammatory by adding turmeric. Enjoy!

prep time: 5 min
calories: 300